Comoparardefumar Zennox LED Metal Sign Lights Decorative Novelty Lamp with Timer Function (Arrow):Comoparardefumar
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Zennox LED Metal Sign Lights Decorative Novelty Lamp with Timer Function (Arrow):Comoparardefumar

Zennox Published in September 20, 2018, 1:12 am
 Zennox LED Metal Sign Lights Decorative Novelty Lamp with Timer Function (Arrow):Comoparardefumar

Zennox LED Metal Sign Lights Decorative Novelty Lamp with Timer Function (Arrow):Comoparardefumar

Price:£11.99+ £4.95 shipping

Elis Reply to on 24 January 2018
I'd wanted a light up-star for quite some time so was happy when I came across this. With positive reviews and a few customer photos to gauge its size and look I decided this was the one! A sturdy dark grey metal with a wood back & 11 good sized lights, it looked great straight out of the box. Easy to insert the batteries into the flush channel on the back, no loose or sticking out battery compartment. The on/off switch is very small and also on the back which for me isn't an issue as my star is not wall mounted, I can see how inconvenient it could be though if it were on the wall. The lights give off a warm white blurry effect which is a little weird but better than a stark brightness which could be too much for your eyes after a while. No ideal how long the bulbs will last and the fact they are not replaceable is a bit disappointing. I've not used the timer facility so cannot comment on that feature. The light is not bright enough alone to use as a reading light, but as a room enhancer its ideal. If using in a childs room as a night light I would ensure it's well away from small hands as it is a little 'heavy' and the front metal edges are quite hard if it were to be pulled over/fall. I really like the contemporary style of the star which looks great even when not lit, a fun & stylish design feature for any room. Recommended!
Amy Reply to on 12 September 2018
I absolutely love this sign it arrived well packaged and it looks amazing. Its a great size and is a real feature in the room. It looks just like the photos the colour and quality of the materials is brilliant.
I love the light bulb shape and the colour which they omit. I would definitely recommend the star it's a great decorative piece for a child's bedroom or as a seasonal decoration.
Ashley B.
Ashley B. Reply to on 7 May 2017
Looks really nice. Would give it 5 stars but feeling a bit disappointed that the switch is on the back so every time you want to turn the light on, you have to take it off the wall. This is inconvenient to a point where it never gets turned on making it a pointless feature on my son's wall.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 February 2018
I've only left one star because you have to. What a heap of #%^* I've only had it a couple of days and currently the only way to force it to work is to hold the batteries in with your thumb. It rather loses its aesthetic appeal when you have to sit and hold it. So grumpy. Utter tat. TBf I should have realised it wouldn't last when it arrived. Very cheaply made.
Holmes Reply to on 30 November 2016
Very happy with this, love the bulbs. Bought as a gift but we kept it for ourselves and bought something else to give. Have now bought a second star for a member of the family as they also really loved it. The quality is excellent, larger bulbs which makes it really stand out. Very prompt service too.
S. James
S. James Reply to on 23 May 2017
Very happy with purchase. Staff are very friendly and helpful when first item didn't work. Replacement works fine and looks fab. Received quickly.
Mrs. Dawn K. Sullivan
Mrs. Dawn K. Sullivan Reply to on 5 February 2016
Fabulous battery operated light,:great for unlit corners with no sockets. Would definitely recommend
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 December 2016
This light is beautiful. It's a great size and well illuminated. Bought on offer which made it a quarter of the price in my high street shops. Looks great against a light coloured wall in my kitchen. Would recommend.
Loz Reply to on 10 March 2017
Order came quick, look great however was expecting them to be black which is what I wanted and they looked black on the picture! They are grey. Haven't yet put them up as room not decorated. Can't see anywhere on the product description the colour
Melanie Thompson
Melanie Thompson Reply to on 8 September 2018
Bought as a gift which was very well received. Works well and very attractive.
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