Comoparardefumar Yellowstone Lightweight Outdoor Folding Wind Shield available in Multi - Colour (Gold/TNF Black) -:Comoparardefumar
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Yellowstone Lightweight Outdoor Folding Wind Shield available in Multi - Colour (Gold/TNF Black) -:Comoparardefumar

Yellowstone Published in October 21, 2018, 11:19 am
 Yellowstone Lightweight   Outdoor Folding Wind Shield available in Multi - Colour (Gold/TNF Black) -:Comoparardefumar

Yellowstone Lightweight Outdoor Folding Wind Shield available in Multi - Colour (Gold/TNF Black) -:Comoparardefumar

Price:£4.15+ Free shipping

Mike313 Reply to on 27 May 2014
I've just tried this out in the back garden - I sometimes cook my lunch out there if the weather is good but it's exposed and often windy so I was delighted to see that the size of this windshield is perfectly suited for use with my Coleman F1 gas stove fitted to a C250 gas bottle. The design is quite nifty. It has 5 segments hinged together and it folds up well and seems sturdy. There is a thin metal 'peg' at each end segment for pinning to the ground; these seem a bit flimsy and, in a strong wind, might not be strong enough - or long enough - to keep the windshield upright. I intend to drill a small hole at the lower end of the end segments and the middle segment so that I can use tent pegs to hold it in place when it's very windy. You could always build a windbreak with rocks or small branches but I prefer the convenience of this and would recommend it.
Stuart54 Reply to on 26 September 2016
A tad on the heavy side realy. The 5 panel version wont fully surround the average stove but then again it doesnt realy need to. The height also seems a little excessive. The fact that ive had this for a while now but it has not yet left the house (im still using a home made tin foil sheild at a fraction of the weight) makes me wary of a recomendation. For a fixed camp it would be great as it is very sturdy and made from heavy duty materials, but its way too heavy for a backpacker where every gram counts.
Deb Reply to on 8 July 2016
I was expecting something rubbish, kind of aluminium foil-thin but it's the right balance between very light & sturdy. An absolute bargain. It's the exact right size to wrap around solid, meths or gas burners. It's high enough to cover small pots on top of whatever stove you're using. The little pins are really small & a bit flimsy but do actually work &, for heaven's sake, what do you want for this £?!
Nick Charles
Nick Charles Reply to on 12 May 2014
There is little difference in the cheapest Aluminium Folding Windshield and the most expensive so I choose this one which was the cheapest I could find; it does the job just fine.
BA Reply to on 5 June 2015
At this price this is good value, it is a bit smaller than I expected but it does the job, its a five section foldout windshield and very lightweight. It saves on gas. My cooker is used on a table on my deck with a coffee percolator and the coffee is ready quicker with this set up. The bag is a nice touch and the item looks quite good unfortunately my order had scratches on it as if it had been used before and isn't what you would expect of a new item. Given the price of the item and time to send it back I will just keep it. If it hadn't had the marks then it would have been 5 stars.
RAJ1o1 Reply to on 1 August 2017
This is really useful and great value at the price. I was expecting something really flimsy but it is reasonably well made, it just needs a couple of ground pegs to pin it down when using it.
TDan Reply to on 27 October 2015
It's tough, light, folds up neatly and comes in it's own carry pouch. It's big enough to serve its intended purpose and the securing pegs keep it nicely in place. There are quite a few far more expensive versions on the market which are virtually identical to this one so don't waste your money buying one of those. This does all you need it to do, is well made and should give years of service. Recommended
Istherehope Reply to on 19 December 2016
Works as you would expect it is a bit thin so if the ground is hard it will bend rather than allow the pegs to go in the ground, but it does the job of something more expensive. Why pay more?
Percy Ants
Percy Ants Reply to on 12 July 2014
A foldable sheet of alloy with spikes that stick in the ground. Comes with a storage cover. it makes a difference and is well worth the money. Light and small, it is a "must have" if camping with a very small stove.
Mr. I. Cunninngham
Mr. I. Cunninngham Reply to on 5 December 2015
Rather small and flimsy (yes the dimension are there but to be really useful it needs to be taller - wind curls around small objects). The metal spikes turn out to less effective than you might think. In sand (beach) they don't' hold that well and they are quite think for pushing in to earth. It's just the reality of device rather than anything wrong with design.
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