Comoparardefumar White Pearl Popcorn 500 g (Pack of 10):Comoparardefumar
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White Pearl Popcorn 500 g (Pack of 10):Comoparardefumar

White Pearl
White Pearl Published in September 20, 2018, 12:50 am
 White Pearl Popcorn 500 g (Pack of 10):Comoparardefumar

White Pearl Popcorn 500 g (Pack of 10):Comoparardefumar

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Daniel Eales
Daniel Eales Reply to on 1 July 2016
Great popcorn, lots of it, and for a great price. Buff said, get ordering!

Will definitely buy again when it runs out

Little tip for everyone out there, the perfect salty popcorn... Put a handful or so of the popcorn into a microwavable (and big) bowl. Add a tablespoon of cooking oil, a teaspoon of salt and a dusting of pepper. Stick into the microwave for about 2:30, or u til the pops start to fade out!
Mr. S. Buchanan
Mr. S. Buchanan Reply to on 22 April 2015
This stuff is excellent, leaves very few un-popped kernels, when cooked by putting two kernels in 3tbps of olive oil (Extra Virgin is best) or Ground Nut Oil and putting on a high heat until those two kernels pop then remove from heat and evenly fill the bottom of the pan with more kernels (1 deep) and count to 30 then place back on the heat, these should then start popping when popping reduces to at least every 2 seconds remove from heat and apply flavouring. if using salt, this is best placed in the oil first. this box of 10 will last me all year and is a very good snack if you keep your flavouring simple, my favourite is Tabasco sauce and Sea Salt.
Molly May
Molly May Reply to on 5 August 2018
Ordered these as the supermarket corn was a bit tough, and the reviews for this were mostly good. So not! These are actually worse than the supermarket stuff... and I now have loads of packets of the rubbish. They are tasteless and like cardboard - when you try to chew them they squeak!!! Even with a toffee coating they are not good. Don't waste your time buying this corn.
The Reply to on 24 May 2015
Excellent popcorn, pops easily and delivered in a well packaged box. The ten seperate bags keep the popcorn fresher.
I Reply to on 5 June 2018
I find a lot more unpopped kernels with this brand as opposed to other brands I've tried. I store all my grains in glass jars (mice are bastards) so I know I'm not causing the issue from my end. Still good value for money though and I'll probably buy this product again as I eat a lot of popcorn.
Bobtedd Reply to on 4 December 2017
That's a lot of corn for only £8

10 x bags of 500g = 5kg

For reference, my microwave popcorn maker takes 50g of corn to make a large bowl of pop-corn.

5kg would therefore be enough for 100 bowls...

In term of taste, it's OK, but needs oil and salt or sugar, otherwise it's too plain
Miro Reply to on 30 October 2017
Am I the one with the short stick ?
Kernels pop perfectly, they are tasty, but feel soggy when eating. They are just not crunchy at all. Eating 3-4 will end up as a hard to chew ball in your mouth, instead of breaking straight away.
Other than that I cannot fault them, but overall I ended up with 5kg of pop corn that I won't eat.
LFCMel Reply to on 18 August 2018
Many don’t pop, which makes me think they may be a bit old? But tastier than most I’ve bought in bulk.
Mish Reply to on 24 July 2018
It's popcorn, not a lot of unpopped corns when cooking. Tastes like popcorn (surprise). I like that I can buy in bulk, as it's my go to snack (prefer it to crisps).
GhostDawg Reply to on 10 January 2018
Excellent value! The popcorn itself is very good quality, isn't chewy or anything like some brands can be. Just right for us!
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