Comoparardefumar The Pinky And Perky Show License To Swill! [DVD]:Comoparardefumar
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The Pinky And Perky Show License To Swill! [DVD]:Comoparardefumar

Pinky & Perky
Pinky & Perky Published in October 21, 2018, 10:25 am
 The Pinky And Perky Show License To Swill! [DVD]:Comoparardefumar

The Pinky And Perky Show License To Swill! [DVD]:Comoparardefumar

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Philomena Mc Conville
Philomena Mc Conville Reply to on 20 January 2018
Great DVD. Bought it for my wee Granddaughter and she laughed all the way through it. Bril
Mrs M
Mrs M Reply to on 9 February 2016
Great old time favourite
n. a kilby
n. a kilby Reply to on 23 December 2014
Robynhood Reply to on 26 January 2010
Loved it! I used to watch Pinky and Perky in the 60s and am thrilled that BBC has updated it so that I can share it with my daughter. What a wonderful dvd.. I hope that the whole series will be released on DVD..Pinky And Perky - License To Swill [DVD] [2008]
tuppence Reply to on 18 January 2011
I was disappointed that this DVD was not shrink wrapped and that the colouring sheets and music were missing from the front of the case...where the clips were ready to hold these 'extra' items listed on the box.

I did not, in fairness, complain about this because I needed the item as a Christmas gift for my son and it did not arrive until Christmas Eve, so I did not have time to return it. Due to the bad weather and Christmas post it took in excess of two weeks to arrive. Apart from this the DVD itself is entertaining and a take on some of the famous figures such as Harry Potter and Simon Cowell.
greatbossman Reply to on 14 May 2013
Yes it is as advertised, but it's a far cry from the famous black and white version of Pinky and Perky that you can view on You Tube
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