Comoparardefumar Customer reviews K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket, Small:Comoparardefumar
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Customer reviews K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket, Small:Comoparardefumar

K9 Pursuits
K9 Pursuits Published in October 18, 2018, 1:57 pm
Customer reviews K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket, Small:Comoparardefumar

Customer reviews K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket, Small:Comoparardefumar

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Lilliebet Reply to on 15 April 2017
I have 2 Staffie boys and took the advice on review and got Large. Last year our daddy staff fell into the canal while we were on holiday in the dark in the middle of nowhere and the sheer terror it caused has made us look for these this year. Once strapped up these are perfect as the straps are adjustable and under the might have to jiggle around their boy bits to make sure they don't wee on it, but nothing that a small piece taken out of the belly strap can't cure. Really pleased. Can relax now when they go for walks. Especially in the dark.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 July 2017
UPDATE: We ordered a larger size and it has arrived. Sizewise, it is a much better fit. There is a big difference between the L and XL. We can't wait to put it to the test this weekend.
Original: Keep in mind it is just a float coat, and not for solid buoyancy. It is a bit thinner than I had expected, but I think it will still do the trick for our what we need anyway. The color is great, the handles look like they will be very useful. I love that there are two handles on the larger coats.The reflective bits are a nice touch. Had to return the first one for a bigger size. If you go by the item sizing chart, and you are on the edge, go with the larger one, even though it says to go with the smaller one. I would agree with other reviews, they run smaller than expected.
Joe Turner
Joe Turner Reply to on 10 April 2018
Bought this for Winter's first time out at sea. The vest arrived on time and it was easy to put on with the velcro and clips. Size was perfect as I measured him first and used the provided size chart. As we were taking him out on a high speed RIB, he was tethered to the boat through his collar and the plastic D ring on the vest. Of course it looks like it will never hold any weight, which is great as I can easily tear him free in an emergency. Dual handles were perfect for keeping hold of him and when lifting him, his weight is evenly distributed because of the very generous velcro underbelly. So confident in the vest that he was able to get up close with some bottle nose dolphins!
Gemsicles Reply to on 13 July 2017
Well made product but the sizing is odd. Ordered a small for a 7kg dog ( normal sized Yorkie ) as I thought the XS would be for miniature breeds. I was wrong. The underside of the vest made it almost impossible for him to move as it was too long for his body. If you have a Yorkie, Westie, Bichon, I'd say order the XS. However maybe if your pooch is a bit front heavy, e.g. Pug, Shih Tzu stick with the small.
Suzie Reply to on 7 August 2018
Medium is a perfect fit for my 13kg cocker spaniel. I went by the chest size(58 cm) rather than weight and straps adjust to correct size. Tried it out in the sea today and he was able to swim as well as when not wearing a jacket (I was worried it may restrict his movement but it didn't and he didn't object to wearing it). He seemed more confident in deeper water and I had peace of mind that I could grab him easily if necessary by the 2 handles. The little float under his chin I think stopped him putting his head down and swallowing water too. Pleased with the product.
Narkosläkare Reply to on 15 April 2018
I ordered 'Small' (7 - 15kg), the recommended size for our two Border Terriers, who weigh 11.5 and 12.0 kg. When the lifejackets arrived, we fitted one to our smaller dog, and it wouldn't fit around her chest at all (with the straps fully lengthened), and was way too short for her back. The sizing is utterly inaccurate, and we'll be returning the lifejackets to Amazon for a full refund.
Mrs. J. Webbon
Mrs. J. Webbon Reply to on 16 June 2018
unfortunately my dog has grown out of this ! She used it last summer in the sea which gave her confidence and and although it is still suppose to fit her weight it does not go around her anymore but she can now swim without aid. If purchasing be wary of the size you buy if you want it to last my small dog is not an over weight for her breed or height.
DH Reply to on 15 October 2017
Fortunately we never needed to test its flotation abilities so can't comment on that. Our dog is quite a slim (6.5kg) Yorkshire Terrier and we had bought small. It fitted him well apart from under his stomach. So we just added an additional piece of Velcro ourselves to effectively enlarge the torso section. He was comfortable in it and wasn't reluctant to wear it.

The owner of a Staffordshire terrier saw it and it was clearly way superior to theirs which kept slipping round the dog's body that they ordered one for the snug secure stable fit.
Fuds Reply to on 26 August 2018
I originally ordered the small and had to send back as the straps did. It fit round my cockerpoo. I then ordered the medium from Amazon and the straps are exactly the same as the small if not tighter. The waist strap is shorter then the chest strap. I am returning and asking for another medium and if the straps have not been properly checked then I will retuen
Macca Reply to on 30 July 2018
It had added protection of Velcro plus click also has two handles and a neck float which is ideal for frenchie breeds.the fit was perfect but fully adjustable
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