Comoparardefumar Baltic Standard Fastening Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Medium 8-15 Kg:Comoparardefumar
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Baltic Standard Fastening Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Medium 8-15 Kg:Comoparardefumar

Baltic Published in October 18, 2018, 2:18 pm
 Baltic Standard Fastening Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Medium 8-15 Kg:Comoparardefumar

Baltic Standard Fastening Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Medium 8-15 Kg:Comoparardefumar

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david Reply to on 12 May 2013
The strong clip fasteners (no velcro on this lifejacket) make it easy to put on .well made with reflective strip and retrieval hoop.

I have been using these for many years,the dogs find them comfortable to wear all day.very visible day and night(by torchlight)all you need in a pet life jacket.

For me the key fature of a jacket is that it allows the dog to be retrieved easily using a boat hook, for which this jacket is second to none- see how the loop stands up
Deb M
Deb M Reply to on 17 June 2014
Bought this as we were taking our 6 month old Labrador to the Norfolk Broads. Sure enough, within minutes of fitting it she had leapt straight in off the edge. She sank but the jacket bought her back up again. There was no river bank as it was all boarded for moorings so she couldn't get out. The handle on the top was a brilliant addition as it meant she could be lifted easily out. I recommend it.
Jana Reply to on 23 May 2015
Border terrier loved it and happily wore it every day for a week, a miracle in itself as he hates his harness and always objects to putting it on. This aid was very easy to fit. I cannot guarantee its buoyancy as the dog never fell overboard so we still do not know if he can swim!! He jumped on and off the narrow-boat many times throughout our holiday, lay down, rolled, ran, and the jacket stayed in place. I had to lift him by the strap/handle a few times to quickly chuck him on board before the boat escaped and the strapping/jacket withstood his 12 kilos of weight. The colour helped tremendously as my peripheral vision could easily track him down when needed. In the hot weather I was pleased he had an exposed belly, not bound with neoprene or other material.
Neil Reply to on 18 August 2017
Take no notice of the size guides, I chose the medium because the manufacturers website gave my dog breed as an example for this size with quoted sizes that matched my dog (weight/back length etc). It actually looks way too small, the foam only covers half of my dog's back. It'll probably keep him afloat if needed, I hope we don't have to find out. Look at what you think you need then go bigger is my advice.

My biggest gripe is that the straps that go around his chest/waist are very thin, they look a lot thicker in the photos, and they would hurt him if lifted by the carry handle. They are very long though so there's scope to fashion some padding, I just don't think I should have to do that to make it usable. The loose ends once fastened are also a bit awkward as there is nowhere to 'tidy' them and tucking them under the straps would cause chaffing. It's not even as if it's a cheap product, it's price-pitched right in amongst many others but this one could be delivered in time so I chose it.

All-in-all I'm not terribly impressed. I have no time to send it back, we are kayaking tomorrow, but overall I wish I'd gone to pets at home and seen something I was buying first, that's unusual for Amazon, I'm usually very happy.
Peter Reply to on 17 May 2016
Seems to be a well made produce - yet to see it in water! However SIZING......The large size says 15-40 staf lab cross weighs 34kg and the large was too short and also the chest strap was far too tight and so had to change it. I guess if your dog is thisk set and broad you will need to go up a size - for my dog the X large fitted fine.
M J Reply to on 23 May 2017
Proved to be excellent value when my dog fell in the canal vanished under the water then bobbed back up i was able to lift her out with the strap on her back. Very pleased
H. V
H. V Reply to on 5 September 2015
Just used this every single day for 3 weeks on a boat in the ocean. The dog wasn't fussed by it and the handle meant I could scoop her out easily and comfortably for her when I needed her back on board. It dried well and didn't smell. She's a cockerpoo, and I bought a medium. Really good product that made me feel she was safe to have a paddle off the back of a boat. She's a very strong swimmer, but I didn't want to ever risk it. She's also brown. So if she came off accidentally we could see the orange floor in the water easily. Super important.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 September 2017
Top marks, have used this to take our Spaniel puppy kayaking. Not just worn it, tried,tested and used in anger when she jumped off in the middle of a lake.
Paul Turner
Paul Turner Reply to on 6 July 2017
Very happy with product which we bought for our two cocker spaniels for their first trip on new boat. They are very light and easy to adjust and perfect for the 'boys'.
Franny Reply to on 1 April 2016
Bought these for our 2 Jack Russell's. We have a narrow boat & they keep trying to jump ship to sniff things on the towpath! Excellent floatation coats. Good fit. Sized by weight but both dogs completely different shape & fitted both dogs v well.Good handle for hoisting dog out of water!!!
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