Comoparardefumar 5.11 Tactical Water Resistant Rush Outdoor Trekking Backpack available in Sandstone - 21.2 Litres:Comoparardefumar
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5.11 Tactical Water Resistant Rush Outdoor Trekking Backpack available in Sandstone - 21.2 Litres:Comoparardefumar

5.11 Outdoor
5.11 Outdoor Published in September 20, 2018, 12:52 am
 5.11 Tactical Water Resistant Rush Outdoor Trekking Backpack available in Sandstone - 21.2 Litres:Comoparardefumar

5.11 Tactical Water Resistant Rush Outdoor Trekking Backpack available in Sandstone - 21.2 Litres:Comoparardefumar

Price:£81.00+ Free shipping

bill Reply to on 23 March 2015
Overall very good bag. a few things to consider. many rucksacks internal pockets can intrude into the next compartment a bit
2.on opening for the first time the size of the main compartment is apparent.However without some additional compression straps it stays expanded which is less good for when the bag is emptier- this is fine if you invest in a couple of compression straps lower on the bag with another reviewer the admin pocket can spill but you just get used to opening it carefully
4.I've used it for a 2 night/3day trip & it was great
5.invest in a bag cover for wet weather- seems to take a small one pretty well
6.seems robust & hard working
Definitely recommend
dave Reply to on 14 March 2015
I already have the rush 72 hour pack for longer trips, but I needed a smaller back pack for short trips and work. From being comfortable with 5.11 rush backpack series already, I knew the rush 12 pack would be great, the quality is second to none, the molle straps on the outside allow for the addition of multiple pouches.

The rear back protector has a zipped compartment to can hold an ipad/tablet easily the main compartment has some zipped pouches to keep things organized and a nice open space for books, spare uniform items etc..

The outer compartments are very well organized, the upper one is big enough to hold work i.d, pens, cash and some snacks, the lower compartment has a lot of pouches and zips to keep things safe and organized.

The main bonus is the shoulder straps are easily adjusted and very comfortable to wear over long periods of time.
Tools & DIY Enthusiast
Tools & DIY Enthusiast Reply to on 13 January 2016
This bag was highly recommended to me by my buddy who's used it for the last 2 years everyday, he is in the US army and uses as his EDC and has used it for both hiking and had brought it to Iraq and Afghanistan too, and he still uses it today and never had any problems with it. The bag is the perfect size for a day trip, it is too small for camping though, so if you need a bag for camping or traveling for more than 1 or two days I would say go for either the Rush 24 or Rush 72. I like to go urban exploring, hiking in the woods or on a trip where I typically just stay one night, and the Rush 12 holds all my gear for that perfectly, with still some room to spare, so for my needs it is perfect. The bag is feels very rugged and well made, I really like how you can open the bag all the way, like you can with a suitcase, and the whole interior layout seems really well thought out.
GSP Reply to on 23 March 2015
This is a superb backpack. I've used it every day since I bought it for the trip to and from work, complete with a laptop, books, notepads, pens and the assorted other crap that builds up in a work bag.

It seems to have an organisational pouch for pretty much anything you can imagine (plus a couple more) and ample space for full size A4 folders, a 13" laptop and the range of toolkits I take with me on a daily basis. I'll also be flying with it next week and have confirmed that when you don't overfill the front pouch, it satisfies both the standard and reduced cabin baggage size restrictions.

The external MOLLE webbing is a nice touch - I've not had cause to use it yet but it gives the bag a nice look and feels tough. It isn't by any means a cheap backpack, but it is worth every penny.
D M Lambley
D M Lambley Reply to on 27 August 2017
I was pondering on buying this for some time. As it's certainly not the cheapest on the market. However that said the look and more importantly the feel is of quality, well thought out out and good choice in heavy duty materials. I genuinely believe l this will be on my back for years to come
Rod Knutton
Rod Knutton Reply to on 19 June 2017
Recently purchased the 511 Rush 12 to use as EDC pack for work..... It's awesome....!!! Loads of space to take thick works jacket, light uniform jacket, all my pack up, drinks and stuff.... Very comfortable to wear, looks great.... just a great piece of kit....

Six month review.....

My pack has performed brilliantly !!!

Used it for weekends away, looking forward to taking it through to Denmark soon... Holds everything for work, and going away for the weekend.... Had it once in a winter downpour, held up great.... No rips, tears or split stitchings..... So happy with this bag....
Andrew Reply to on 24 June 2017
I got this because I wanted a rucksack with many pockets. I forget how many this had, it was about 20. It's great, feels well made and is comfortable. I think this one is a good size. I like the sunglasses pocket at the top, although I use it for headphones as I lost my sunglasses in a forest a few weeks ago - anyone seen them?
P. Briers
P. Briers Reply to on 9 August 2016
How tough can you make a bag! the only other bag I have found with more resilience and just plan thought put into it was a Veto Pro pack which as well as being 3 times the price you also need to be a body build to lift it when its full.

Cant see an environment where this wouldn't be at home
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Reply to on 25 November 2014
This is a fantastic small backpack. It is very sturdy, has many organisational pockets and wears comfortable. I also have the Rush 72 for when I have to haul bigger loads, but the Rush 12 is guaranteed to go on the airplane with you as hand luggage. The Molle mesh allows you to securely attach all kinds of small pouches, tools, etc. The zippers feel like they will last as long as the bag. The Rush backpacks don't have rain covers.
John Doe
John Doe Reply to on 21 January 2015
I am in love with this bag.

When you see it in person it's really small but after filling it up you can get alot in there. Size is also great for travel on trains and busses

If anybody is wondering this bag will fit a 12 inch laptop fine. 15inch might be bit of a squeese but I havent tested. Deffinitly find something to pad the bottom of the bag from bumping onto hard surfices since it wassnt made for laptops.

Cons: I didnt buy more
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